Whitchurch, Hampshire - A Town where Walkers are Welcome



updated: July 20th, 2017

Walk guides

updated: August 30th, 2017

Below is a list of maps and route guides to wet your appetite …

1. CIRCULAR WALK by THE RIVER TEST to BERE MILL and back via TOWN PATHS (about 55 minutes, 2.5 miles)

2. CIRCULAR WALK – FARMS, THE HANGINGS and the RIVER TEST (1 hour, 3 miles)

3. CIRCULAR WALK – FIELDS, THE HANGINGS and the RIVER TEST (1 hour, 2.5 miles)

4. CIRCULAR WALK – SECRET PATHWAYS and the RIVER TEST (about 40 mins, 2 miles)

5. CIRCULAR WALK – THE HARROWAY, WELLS-IN-THE-FIELD and the RIVER TEST (90 minutes, 4.2 miles)

6. CIRCULAR WALK – TO TUFTON and BACK (45 mins, 2.3 miles)

7. CIRCULAR WALK around WHITCHURCH and the RIVER TEST (about 40 mins, 2 miles)

8. CIRCULAR WALK to the NORTH (about 75 minutes, 3.4 miles)

9. CIRCULAR WALK via THE HANGINGS and BERE MILL (about 1 hour, 3 miles)

10. CIRCULAR WALK via TUFTON (about 1 hour, 2.5 miles)



A short walk through the town, combined with a fun quiz, which is particularly suitable for families



The Mill Trail – a scenic walk of up to 7 miles (there are shorter options), taking in a number of attractive and historic mill buildings along the famous River Test.

The Wayfarers Walk – a long distance footpath from Walbury Hill, Berkshire to Emsworth, Hampshire which passes just a few miles from Whitchurch.

The Test Way – a long-distance footpath from Walbury Hill in West Berkshire to Eling in Hampshire, which passes a few miles to the west of Whitchurch.

Overton– only 4 miles from Whitchurch, Overton is a Walkers are Welcome village.

Riverdance – a lovely walk which winds to and fro across the River Test and water meadows in the neighbouring village of Longparish.